Fleshlight dating tips

Now, what's going to make cleaning easiest is if you have some kind of small and thin rod, other than your penis.

Wrap a very thin washcloth or other fabric around the rod and stick it in your fleshlight to dry the inside.

Many ladies don’t realize that hands are a crucial key to a giving a great BJ.

They provide the pressure and pleasure your guy loves, and provide you with some much-needed gag reflex relief.

Plus, it’s easy to use, requires zero prep, minimal clean up and is fun to play with alone or with a partner.

While I myself am a big fan, I know that there are many women who despise the act of performing oral.

.”I gave a few tips to help ladies make the most of their mouths, like how to breathe through your nose, pick optimal positions that work for you, and relax your throat to train those pesky reflex muscles.

Jos Schoonenberg, formerly known as a Gold Coast porn king, allegedly stocked the counterfeit products which bore the logo of the original 'Fleshlight' range by American Company, Interactive Life Forms.

For ladies with a well-endowed partner, the Quickshot helps you cover a lot more surface area.

Instead of massaging his shaft with your hands, slide the Quickshot up and down the lower part of his penis while your mouth and tongue go to work on the head!

You can’t deny, there are a lot of factors that go into a good BJ.

Between the sucking and the licking and the head bobbing, they don’t call it a job for nothing.

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