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To resolve this issue (manually) open the "Services Editor" Hostsman includes an option to turn off the DNS Service [screenshot] When set to Manual you can see that the above "Service" is not needed (after a little browsing - when set to Manual) by opening the Services Editor again, scroll down to DNS Client and check the "Status" column.It should be blank, if it was needed it would show "Started" in that column.To backup a package as it already exists on your system, use quickpkg, covered in the same chapter.To create a binary package at build-time, use the appropriate emerge switches.The exportfs command maintains the current table of exports for the NFS server.The master export table is kept in a file named /var/lib/nfs/etab.When given the proper options, the /usr/sbin/exportfs command writes the exported file systems to /var/lib/nfs/xtab.

Highlight the file (single-click) then right-click and select Extract All from the menu ...

If your machine is part of a "Domain", check with your IT Dept. This especially applies to Laptop users who travel or bring their work machines home.

Make sure to reset the Service (if needed) prior to connecting (reboot required) to your work Domain ... If you are using Network Discovery then the DNS Client service is required and should not be set to either Manual or Disabled.

What I do is use RCS on any config file I modify, or if I look at it and would have modified it except it happens, by chance, to include the parameters I want.

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