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“In place of the dialogue and engagement we saw in the 1990s Argentina has in recent years taken a range of measures to try and coerce the islands,” the Foreign Secretary added.

Sara Jones, 70, told the Daily Telegraph that she would like to believe Britain stood ready to repeat its defence of the islands if needed. We didn’t like to see a small country overrun by somebody who had very little claim to it.

The Prime Minister saluted the heroism of the Falklands Task Force and said: “We are rightly proud of the role Britain played in righting a profound wrong.” Mr Cameron added: “Britain remains staunchly committed to upholding the right of the Falkland islanders, and of the Falkland islanders alone, to determine their own future.

“That was the fundamental principle that was at stake thirty years ago and that is the principle which we solemnly re-affirm today.” In his article, Mr Hague lists “attempts to intimidate” businesses involved in the oil industry, “harassment” of Falkland fishing vessels by the Argentine coastguard and “threats” to cut the sole air link between the islands and South America, as well as closing their ports to cruise ships that have visited the Falklands.

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In 2003 we arranged for a selection of modern covers to be posted to us from a variety of places on the Falkland Islands.

Britain has held the South Atlantic archipelago since 1833 but Buenos Aires claims they are occupied Argentine territory.

In recent months, the sovereignty dispute has again sparked tension between Buenos Aires and London.

“Such efforts to intensify a disagreement - which neither we nor the people of the Falkland Islands have ever sought to provoke - are out of step with international collaboration in the modern world,” he added.

Arturo Puricelli, the defence minister, said the loss of the Holy Trinity was due to "negligence in the best-case scenario, or an attack" aimed at making the government look bad. Authorities had planned to turn the 125-meter ship into a museum.

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