Facebook and dating trouble

There’s this girl you’ve had on eye on for quite some time. Tomorrow, after you’ve let this sink in; you’ll once again go to stalk her page. You are mesmerized and immediately ‘Like’ the photo, thinking this is your in with her. Every post about retarded things too, like, “OMG new gym clothes!!! Their bathroom, gents, you know, the place they also take massive shits after indulging in too much booze and greasy Mexican food on a Friday night.

Unless of course, you want to blend in with the dozens of other guys doing the same thing. Between curse words, he grumbled, “So this is how you wanted to celebrate our ten-year anniversary?” I said nothing then, just as I said nothing now, though I was in desperate need of a water break.You may find salt-and-pepper hair sexy on your Clooney look-alike, but science says you're less likely to find lasting love with a much-older man.A 2014 study of 3,000 couples showed that same-age partners are most likely to stay together.

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