Facebook access token error validating application

It must exactly match one of the redirect_uris you registered in the portal, except it must be url encoded.

For native & mobile apps, you should use the default value of A value included in the request that is also returned in the token response.

Refresh tokens are long-lived, and can be used to retain access to resources for extended periods of time. The app can base64Url decode the segments of this token to request information about the user who signed in. For the token to be valid, the current date/time must be greater than or equal to the Nbf value.

It is required for web apps and web APIs, which have the ability to store the To find the App ID URI, in the Azure Management Portal, click Active Directory, click the directory, click the application, and then click Configure.The token issuance endpoint errors are HTTP error codes, because the client calls the token issuance endpoint directly.In addition to the HTTP status code, the Azure AD token issuance endpoint also returns a JSON document with objects that describe the error.If this occurs, clear the token from the cache, even if it is still within its calculated lifetime.A successful response could look like this: The time when the access token expires.

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