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Of all the things you need to plan for and decisions you have to make, choosing your escort for your big day can be both fun and challenging.Your head chambelane is not “just the guy who escorts you down the aisle.” He’ll have a lot of responsibility and will have to shoulder some stress of his own.Especially if he’s respectful to teachers and to your parents, you can trust him with all the responsibilities a head chambelan is supposed to perform.Also, just imagine you and your boyfriend all dressed up in church!Being too picky, especially about the wrong details, can end up driving away Mr. If you don’t already know, winter is peak season for online dating, which means it might be the perfect time for you to give dating sites […]How Ok Cupid’s Real Name Policy Affects Your Privacy Recently, online dating service Ok Cupid announced a change to its username policy which will force users to ditch their pseudonymous screen names and instead use real names on their profiles.Looking at the comments of the official Ok Cupid post (please note that the post contains explicit language), a number of users are understandably upset over […]3 Date Ideas for Bringing in the New Year The new year is here, which means we’re in the middle of peak dating season.

Different dating sites handle this differently, of course, but when you're getting your profile ready, it's like getting ready for a night on the town.Your choice of escort is one thing you don’t have to compromise on.You deserve to have the very best companion who will make you feel safe and special and maybe even prettier than you already are. It’s your day, and you deserve an escort who will do things your way—at least just this once.Online dating sites make it easy and safe to get in touch with the people you're interested in.Wink, flirt, nudge, and message your way to a deeper conversation.

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    (Okay, it’s not always Get your hands dirty and make some art together—you can get to know each other while making a new addition for your home.