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but it still kept on giving that same error and prompt every time.Over the course of time, I've meandered through other stackexchange answers, which have pointed me to things like downloading from se and adding that to ssl-authority-files: when I try that, I get: svn: E125009: Unable to connect to a repository at URL '[..repo path...]' svn: E125009: Invalid config: unable to load certificate file '/users/jonespet/.subversion/auth/ssl.certs/cacerts.pem' I took the back out, because it made things even worse, not better.Use the fingerprint to validate the certificate manually! Certificate information: - Hostname: *.- Valid: from Apr 16 2014 GMT until Mar 24 2016 GMT - Issuer: Go, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona, US - Fingerprint: EC:9F:9D: B: E:7B:27: F:8B: AC:41:5B: (R)eject or accept (t)emporarily?t It doesn't give me the option to accept (p)ermanently, like my first few searches indicated it would. Per, I tried to update [global]:ssl-authority-files to include the cert from assembla, and set ssl-trust-default-ca to true. When that didn't work, I dug into the format of the ~/.subversion/auth/server/___ files, figured out how to get the same name and encoding from the SSL certificate into that file, as if I had said "(p)ermanent"...To make the Subversion client automatically trust these standard authorities, set the ssl-trust-default-ca variable to true.As @runlevel6 said, you have to accept the certificate with the same user running the hook.

I think it must've my memory combining the "unknown error" from svn with the more detailed code 19 from openssl. I tried going to some other linux boxes I have access to on other networks.2015-Dec-04 EDITS I couldn't find its central certificate location (no /etc/ssl or /etc/pki directories).At this point, there's probably not much else I can do on that particular machine to eliminate the error. Verify return code: 19 (self signed certificate in certificate chain) --- I assume that return-code 19 is because of Go Daddy's Class 2 Certification Authority being self-signed.But I would have thought that would be okay, since I specifically told svn to trust that cert.

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