Error validating cardaccount number checksum

The volume of credit card transactions complicate this process, and the companies party to these transactions look for ways to limit the amount of resources required to verify the transactions as much as they can.One way that they can speed up the verification process is to use the Luhn algorithm.You can use the Validation controls to perform very different types of form validation tasks.For example, you can use the Validation controls to check whether a form field has a value, check whether the data in a form field falls in a certain range, or check whether a form field contains a valid e-mail address or phone number. Even if you need to perform a very specialized form validation task, you can do so by using this control.The problem, however, is that it does not work with all browsers.Not all browsers support Java Script, and different versions of browsers support different versions of Java Script, so client-side validation is never guaranteed to work.

While the algorithm can be used to verify other identification numbers, it is most commonly associated with credit card verification. The credit card validation process requires businesses and credit card companies to be able to encrypt and decrypt sensitive financial information about the card, the issuer, and the cardholder nearly instantaneously.Finally, you can disable validation, both client and server validation, when certain buttons are pushed.You'll need to do this when creating a Cancel button.If a browser is capable of supporting Java Script, client-side validation scripts are automatically sent to the browser.If a browser is incapable of supporting Java Script, the validation routines are automatically implemented in server-side code.

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