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Sorry I can't help any more but if you're still having trouble it may be worth checking that there aren't other conflicts - are you running any other Mod Loader mods? If your wondering why it is because i do not like typeing the same command over and over with a diffrence of 1thing. Fresh minecraft, with Inventory Tweaks, HDPatch, an your mod.

I really love your mod because it's easier to bind keys than in Improved Chat.

For the second point I've added the ability to enter $$ a macro file, just be sure not to include the same file inside itself! in a macro will stop the macro at that point and put the last command into the chat buffer.

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He was responsible for initial conception and design of key new F2P, monetization features, including random pack design, dye mods, minipets, player vehicles and animal mounts, and player housing (according to his Linkedin profile) SWTOR when it went free-to-play, weren’t you?

I feel like that model has been largely responsible for allowing the game to succeed long term, but out of curiosity, were there any lessons learned from that?

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