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” Some guys were very straightforward and you know exactly who they were set on, some were on the fence, some had someone in mind then changed it later, but honestly, the who voted for who thing got played out after a while. -Inside the cocktail party, Ian is the first person to pull someone away and he gets Kaitlyn. He didn’t know who the “Bachelorette” was gonna be so he hopes she likes it. JJ comes up and says, “The bar said they have another drink for you.” Ryan pleads for 5 more minutes, JJ walks away, Jonathan comes in to save her. -Tanner is sitting with Britt telling her he watched last season and that’s when Britt chimes in with him giving her the tissues.

Once Tuesday’s episode rolls around and the season actually begins, I really don’t see guys who didn’t choose Kaitlyn as being a big deal. The show only has 4 to 6 real candidates every season anyway, so who cares if guy #18 didn’t vote for Kaitlyn? Tells her he wanted her to be the “Bachelorette.” They don’t show much else of the conversation but clearly just to let everyone know Ian wants Kaitlyn. It was a picture of Chris Harrison riding a triceratops. -Chris Harrison enters the room and says the voting box is open. You place a rose in the ballot box for the one girl you have feelings for. asks Kaitlyn about her “bird tattoos” on the back of both her elbows. She said doves are the only bird that remembers how to fly home and family is very important to her. Everything about you.” The promo makes it seem like these two almost come to blows. Next scene is Ryan now talking to Kaitlyn telling her how good she looks. She thinks it was kind of a shot at her for being emotional.

But we know it’s Kaitlyn and we’ll see her cocktail party and first rose ceremony on the 1 hr. In Tuesday’s show, Shawn Booth gets the first impression rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Shawn Evans, Ryan Mc Dill (asked to leave before the rose ceremony), Josh Seiter, David, and Bradley Cox.

Basically, just something different to do on the first night since episode 1 is pretty much the same every season. ” Ryan B.: “Interrupting cow.” Britt: “Interrupting…” Ryan B.: “Mooooooooooooo!!!! Can we please stop it with the f***ing knock knock jokes? He’s had one for 13 years and they’re about to be 18. “I believe in love at first sight & I actually think it might’ve happened tonight when I saw Kaitlyn out of the limo.” Easy there, bud. Tony says that he initially came on the show for Kaitlyn, but after talking to Britt, he’d changed his mind and decided he will choose Britt.

This time with two women, all the cocktail party talk surrounded, “Who are you gonna vote for? They both connect on this level and seem into each other. -Clint sits down with Kaitlyn and says he drew her a picture.

Britt’s ITM’s suggest that she thought maybe that was a little cheating on Kaitlyn’s part and maybe didn’t seem fair.

Well, you certainly had the chance to do the same thing, but you chose to stay outside. David (Kaitlyn) Corey (Kaitlyn) – Says he plays competitive volleyball, he’s not a farmer, but “I was hoping the offer to plow your field is still on the table? Tony (Britt) – He says to her “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while.

Ummmm, I have no idea who Ryan voted for and that was pretty comical. So the overall tally of votes we actually see take place in the voting booth: Kaitlyn: Ian, Ben H., Chris, Corey, and Ben Z.If they did anything noteworthy, that’s added in there as well. (Kaitlyn) – But when he went to Britt, he “lost his words” and both sponsor children, so that was a big deal to both of them. (Britt) Jared (Britt) – Unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a blue Superman shirt, except it had an “L” for “Love Man.” Kupah (Britt) Brady (Britt) As we all know, these limo entrances are shown out of the real order they actually happened, and once 6 of the first 7 guys they show all went to Britt first, you could tell they were setting Kaitlyn up to the be the underdog and making you think all the guys wanted Britt.During these first 7 entrances, Kaitlyn doing a lot of ITM’s about feeling uncomfortable and feeling that the guys all wanted Britt. JJ (Kaitlyn) – Being a hockey player and knowing Kaitlyn is from Canada (and has two ex’s who played hockey) went with the most creative entrance of the night, if not a little on the dirty side.Tanner (Britt) – Watched last season, knew she cried a lot, so he brought her some tissues as a gift. – Asked for a group hug so technically never went to one girl first. Told her “You are the reason why I’m here.” Definitely had the longest intro in terms of camera time out of the 25 guys.But lets make one thing perfectly clear this episode: Shawn B. At this point, Kaitlyn ran inside the mansion just to thank the guys and say a quick hello while Britt stayed outside.

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