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Marc provided a php script, which we enclose below (with a minor correction supplied by Dave Thomas) for those to whom it may be a more sensible solution (a formatted list based on this script is available here, credits and their script at the foot of the page).We slapped together a few lines of Javascript (you can't actually code in JS you can only slap things together - doubtless google would disagree) based on his idea so if you light the blue touch paper by clicking the button below, this page will disppear (after about 10 to 20 secs - depending on the speed of your processor) only the raw strings will remain. But I noticed that my gmail was not updating on my Droid.I checked my gmail on my laptop tonight and saw that I had 5 emails, but when I looked at my phone, there were no notifications and when I opened the Gmail app, it didn't show the new emails.The project seems to have changed significantly and now runs on *nix and windows and has its own rendering engine (Goanna).Maybe there is an alternative to the deadly boring rise of chrome and edge after all. Department of useless stuff: Anyone know the difference between Open Mini and's not the beginning of a joke.Plenty of folk want to use the strings for sensible and useful reasons. You are perfectly at liberty to use the strings for any purpose you choose.

The end of an era: The last version of Netscape - the browser that started the modern browser business is no more.It's a bit annoying to not get notified of an email right when it comes through, but it's not a major issue or anything. Or will I just have to wait for a fix whenever an update comes along?The non-mobile stuff is here (hint: you get jerked back by the power cord after 3 feet and your arms start to ache after 10 minutes with non-mobile stuff) or click on any right menu link for the browser/section.We had studiously avoided doing anything because it smelled, vaguely, of work.Then we got an email from Marc Gray who suggested that we use a simple regular expression and was even kind enough to supply it.

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