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The final draft of Italy’s 3rd Action Plan was published on September 20, 2016.

The text was adapted and modified by the Public administrations involved to take into account, as far as possible, the comments and proposals made by civil society during the public consultation.

A report on the results on the consultation process was published too.

Italy joined OGP in 2011 and presented the first Action Plan in the occasion of the OGP Ministerial Meeting held in Brasilia (April 2012).

Oxford, derby, double buckle, mocassin and sneakers, skilfully hand-dyed with a meticolous and complex procedure that emphasizes the brand’s expertise, enhancing the distinctiveness of the nuances and the uniqueness of the footwear.

The 8.5 tonne space station, which been in a decaying orbit since March 2016, is expected to re-enter the atmosphere early next year.

IRM-reviewed commitments appear in the next section. OGP's CEO @SPradhan OGP will be talking about the impact of #Open Gov in local governments with @Victoria_ODell, @kerry_atx, and @Jmolinasvega.

society, interaction between single, unrelated members of the opposite sex is off the table, both culturally and legally.

Being caught alone with a man who isn’t kin can put a woman in some serious hot water.

ith the help of Susie Khalil, an American blogger living in Jeddah, we conducted a Facebook survey of current Saudi Arabia residents to get their views on dating and the apps that enable it.

Most described a culture seemingly incompatible with a service such as Whos Here.

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