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We used the click/pop filter to remove some unwanted noise from a voice recording and found that the tools worked well, but took a long time to render.It took 30 minutes for Wave Pad to apply the effect to the track, which is far longer than any other software we tested. I have been using audio editing software in both a recreational and commercial capacity for more than 20 years.Wave Pad was also able to extract the audio form all the popular video formats, including MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV.Wave Pad has tools to remove unwanted clicks and pops from poorly recorded audio tracks.We also tested this software’s ability to remove unwanted noise by importing a noisy audio sample that was inundated with clicks, pops and hums.We used the noise reduction, declicker and declipper tools in Acoustica with great success.Acon Digital’s Acoustica audio editing software has an attractive and well-organized user interface.The effects, recording tools and plugins are divided into easily identifiable sections in the menu ribbon, streamlining the post-production process.

You can highlight a portion of a recording that has too much room noise, or pops and clicks, and use the sound sample tool to analyze the problem area.My formative years were spent recording voice-over and producing sound effects as a Foley artist.Those endeavors were usually undertaken in environments that were poorly sound-proofed, so I found myself experimenting with the tools available in early versions of audio editing software to help my recordings sound more professional.In addition to the editing window, there is a file browser, effects chain and FFT analyzer that you can add or remove at your convenience.Acoustica also allows you to customize the toolbar with the editing tools you use most, which helps maximize your workflow.

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