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So, I’ve created a rather long post here with 24 of my best tips which will help you get a girlfriend. Are you a force in the world, or are you a consequence? For now, I suggest reading this article to learn more about “security” and why it’s such an important concept for men: The Concept of Security and Why it is Critical to Get It’s become vogue to convince men that the dating game is run by guys who know how to ‘build attraction’ in women.

These tips are grouped into 3 broader categories or “phases” which help me organize this information and which should help you determine where you are at on this continuum. When we think of men who are successful with women, we often think of guys who embody various types of security: The rich guy – financial security The strong guy – physical security The famous guy – social security Now, for guys like you and me, these might not be our daily reality (though I think financial security can be…more on that in a second). This, again, is a highly flawed premise and puts the cart before the horse.

For many reasons, it is harder than ever for men and women to get together and when they do, the divorce rate is higher than ever as is evidenced in this infographic: Full disclosure: my parents divorced in the mid/late 70’s just after this huge upward trend began. So, since getting a girlfriend is my main area of focus in helping men, and since I am constantly reading and researching the topic, I decided (finally) to create a post here with my latest and greatest findings.

NOTE: I will keep this post updated so feel free to bookmark it and return to this page whenever you like.

Become the guy who gives them the reason by subscribing to your local “Time Out” magazine, or regularly scanning the local blogosphere for what’s new in your city, town or community.

Years ago, I had a day job and decided to become the “go to” guy at work.

Knowing this, understanding this, and then – most importantly – LIVING by this is the essence of cultivating security in your life.

This is the most important point I can ever make to a guy.

(NOTE: to check and see if there is a “Time Out” magazine in your city, click here) When this effort started out, I had about 3-4 people going with me each week.Hey man – As you probably know, there is considerable information online designed to help you get better with women and dating, and to learn how to get a girlfriend.Helping guys get better with women, dating and relationships is my passion.When I left “The Game” in 2004, my mission became to help men meet and date beautiful women on their terms, with the intention of having a healthy, lasting relationship.I’ve realized this dream for myself and want to do everything I can to create this reality for other guys like you.

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