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Episode 246: Family Planning We see the very last lawyer to appear on the show who doesn’t end up possessed by a witch. Episode 247: I’m Someone Else Burke touches Sam again, Maggie invents thinks, and the director tries to figure out how to shoot a scene where a grown man has a conversation while lying on his back in a coffin, without looking silly.Episode 248: Damsel in This Dress Maggie walked from Collinwood all the way down the hill to her father’s house, wearing a bright white wedding gown and holding a pipe, and attracted no attention at all.Also, Sam Evans has 22 words to say; let’s see how many he can remember before the end of the scene.Episode 223: The Me/You Fun Gap The AFTRA strike of April 1967 takes its toll on the cast, as Liz putters around, Burke sets his wristwatch, and David complains about the air.Episode 211: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Jason visits the cemetery and makes a new friend.Episode 212: The Collins Blood We learn several reasons why you shouldn’t play in a haunted house.This is technically suspenseful but you have to be pretty generous about it.

Episode 238: Unreal Estate Vicki and Carolyn just walk right into the Old House and look around.

Episode 251: Close to Killing You What do you do when your abduction storyline has run its course?

You take the same girl and lock her up in a different room. Episode 252: How to Ruin Your Life Carolyn has a pleasant evening out with an agreeable and attentive young man. Episode 253: Alive and Someplace Maggie is still spitballing escape plans, while David continues his reign as World’s Noisiest Intruder.

Burke is concerned, but not enough to remember his lines past sentence four. Episode 244: Indecent Proposal This episode is basically a series of escalating dares between Liz and Jason, like a very slow and dramatic game of chicken.

Episode 245: Tragic Malady Another great example of how Barnabas takes over the show, by being way more interesting than anyone else has ever been.

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