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I was surprised to see that there is no mention of self esteem or confidence level of the girls in the system.

Over the years this is one of the major differences that I've perceived in women that has helped me to calibrate my behaviors to them.

We contacted Di Carlo Diclassified about these and were satisfied that they had dealt with them.

They explained that there were some big issues at the start, because of the popularity of the product (it's true that it has been hugely popular), but they had now been resolved.

They increased the capacity of their servers and the size of their customer service team to cope with what had become overwhelming demand. If you are new to dating advice, before considering Pandora's Box, look at a beginner's option to get you started with the foundations of attraction and women psychology.

It could've been simplified, and would've been far more useful and valuable if it had been left simpler. In the sales video for the program there are some high expectations about the results you can get - with very little effort - from this system.

If you are looking for a magic bullet, and easy results with no effort, you are going to be disappointed.

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