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Minor pleasures are those interludes in life that make for everything to become, and remain, worthwhile; sometimes, because of various tumults in our lives, the designation of “minor” becomes altered, and becomes “major” – like the dream fulfilled of that kid who toiled in the minor leagues for so many years and finally got his big break by being called up to the majors.Is such an indication of a metamorphosis a harbinger of something else?The reality, however, is that the price of status quo is often just as expensive as that of affirmatively acting; we just fail to see it by conveniently engaging in language games that avoid such recognition of such consequences resulting from inaction. It, too, must pay a steep price — of engaging a complex administrative and legal process; of facing the chance of a denial from the U. Office of Personnel Management; of entering into a surreal universe of bureaucratic morass.But everything has a price to pay — whether of status quo or of affirmative movement; it is up to the Federal or Postal employee as to whether the end-product is worth that price. Mc Gill, Esquire Filed under: Reflections of an OPM Disability Retirement Lawyer | Tagged: accommodating light duty issues in federal employment, adhd in the federal workplace opm, after your owcp claim has been denied at reconsideration what next?

She added: 'So it was only right to do so on my dating profile to connect with people in my own way.'Mandy avoided dating for years after her accident because she felt too self-conscious but recently decided to set up a Tinder profile after watching an inspirational You Tube video about dating as a disabled woman.'Since my accident happened, humour has been the driving force and it has made my recovery a lot easier,' Mandy said.'My sense of humour in my Tinder bio is so funny, the jokes people send back have me in fits of laughter.People tend to love how open I am and it's definitely helped secure a few dates.'Many was injured after going on a night out with some new friends in July 2014.Mandy continued: 'When I tried to date after I lost my legs I would always get guys asking me "how does sex work for you?", and it completely put me off dating.'I was completely alienated from any sort of romantic opportunity due to my own lack of insight.'But now that I've broken the ice and sexualised my disability with my humour, I am acknowledged as an individual rather than someone bound to a wheelchair.'The reactions I get to my profile are hilarious, supportive and kind.

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