David deangelo online dating letter

I know that you’ve been out at a bar, or at a bookstore, or even on the street, and watched a guy walk up to an attractive woman, start talking to her, and then walk away a few minutes later with her number (or walk away a few minutes later with HER).In fact, you’ve probably seen this happen MANY times in your life.So how can a regular guy find and learn from these “masters”? What if I told you that I knew a way for you to learn from MANY different guys who were successful with women?And what if I told you that I would be there to PERSONALLY interview them and get them to share their TOP SECRETS with us?) who are viewed by the general public as his key competitors.

Dear Friend, We’ve ALL seen it, and we’ve all been curious about it…

And it’s not always easy to make friends with them once you DO find them. like go out with all of the beautiful women that they can meet.

I mean, if you could meet women left and right, would you be trying to find all the millions of guys out there that weren’t successful with women to teach them how to improve? You’d be out enjoying yourself with one or more of the women that were in you life!

In these interviews, there is no evading questions or pussyfooting around, they get into intense, in depth conversations.

I have, on the left, a list of the interviews I have listened to and info from them, this list will be constantly growing so check back!

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