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The space-saving alone could allow for laptop designs with bigger batteries, larger, quieter fans, or simply shrunken, lower power gaming-capable notebooks.This mixing of Intel Cores and Radeon Vega graphics silicon is indicative of just how badly both companies want to squeeze Nvidia out of the lucrative gaming laptop space.Over the last three years the game-ready notebook market has seen a 42% compound annual growth rate, and that’s in a world where Apple is trying to tell you the computer is dead and everybody else says that no-one buys PCs anymore.Despite their acrimonious past relationships AMD and Intel have settled some of their differences - cold, hard cash can be such an effective mediator - because as every good Total War player knows, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. After an initial pre-CES launch announcement this January we're not actually going to start seeing machines rocking the new Intel/AMD hybrid chips until Spring of this year.Essentially we're taking that to mean late-March for pretty much everything Kaby Lake G / Vega M related.Intel have themselves stated that their own Vega M GH-powered Hades Canyon NUC is going to be shipping to the market in late-March and we doubt there will be many laptop manufacturers beating Intel to the shelves with Vega M notebooks.Therefore, we recommend all OS vendors to download this patch and port it to their GNU/Linux distribution if it's based on Ubuntu, SUSE, Red Hat, etc.The archive released by Intel for Linux OSes contains a file, which is available in a traditional text format and still used in some Linux distros, allowing users to update the Intel CPU microcode through the old microcode update interface that's available in the Linux kernel with and can be enabled with the CONFIG_MICROCODE_OLD_INTERFACE=y option.

The Linux operating system has a mechanism to update the microcode after booting.Intel Corporation (INTC) designs and manufactures integrated digital technology platforms.The company offers microprocessors that process system data and controls other devices in the system.Intel and AMD have teamed up to knock Nvidia off their mobile GPU perch, and deliver on the promise of sleek and powerful gaming laptops.That means the new AMD Vega M-powered Kaby Lake G CPUs can outpace a GTX 1060 Max-Q machine while using less juice. It's the first week of January and the Christmas truce is well and truly over - the hardware wars can begin again in earnest.

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