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The Elders are disappointed the the devil Angelus has escaped his payment in pain to us, but they understand there is little you could have done to stop events. What I need to know is what the clan will do when I say no. Things I need to do that I will not abandon.”There is another silence. You know what it means to go against the Elders like this. It will all be lost to you, like puffs of smoke long after the fire has burned down.”Alex pipes up from the doorway, with Ravage just out of sight in the hallway."What is the clans need? At some point we would like you to produce a child for the clan, but where you dally until then is your own choice. Choose wisely, and you could keep your friend forever. ”Jenny screams in impotent rage.“She isn't my girlfriend, I adopted her when her parents became victims of the Hellmouth, and yes Enyos, while she is part of the reason I cannot go with you she is not all of it.”Enyos freezes. He turns to look at Alex, as one would consider the pros and cons of a side of beef.

Anyway, I doubt it is anything we need to worry about now, after your performance I probably couldn't get her to a family reunion if I paid her. ”Enyos, still smiling, tips his old, beaten fedora-like hat to each of them in turn. In the late hours of the evening before, she had offered to have Willow stay, had made up the couch with a sheet, blanket, and pillow. Thanks to a new setting on the clothes cleaner she can skip a shower today. Gently moving Willows hand from where it rests draped over her from behind, Alex then get up and throws on some clothes.The Elders ask too much of one person, and this time it cost them their precious vengeance.Deal with it.”There is a moments pause, and Alex opens the door to the garage so that Ravage can come in.

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