Dating women wrestlers in australia

‘They respect the anonymity of clients and the wrestling ladies, this is very important to clients like myself.’ Spidermouth is not a newcomer to the activity. ‘I would have started earlier but it was really the internet that made finding session wrestling businesses much more possible,’ he says.‘I had fantasised about wrestling women for decades, the idea of doing all I could to avoid losing but just not quite being able to prevent my female opponent from winning.‘They have a full range of female wrestling talent from skilled and experienced martial arts women to stunning models.‘It is professional, organised and the MWM athletes really love what they do as well.For Spidermouth, session wrestling is what he chooses to spend his money on rather than clubs or pubs. ‘Mixed wrestling is about being in charge and having control.It’s a physical fight that manifests in a power struggle and then humiliation. It’s very natural for a man to get an erection during a session. ‘Body press pins and certain holds are particularly sexy.

Actually doing my first sessions was just brilliant, an amazing feeling, like I had found myself, this is what I always wanted to do and now I am living out my fantasies.‘I went to one of the tournaments they organised – very nervously, I remember – and was hooked.‘I couldn’t imagine that so many nice and beautiful girls were really into it.Models Wrestling Management (MWM) was started four years ago by Cam, a 31 year old ex model, dancer and boxer.‘I was a part of a charity boxing event which involved me jumping in the ring,’ she says.

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