Dating website for fibromyalgia

There are some people who are out there who will not be fazed by any of the challenges yet have empathy for each of them- they are out there, trust me!!

You do not have to lie Blanket about any of your health challenges as well as life challenges- if someone truly loves you they will be able to deal with all of it!

My friends who live with or who have experience with depression assume that I am suffering from depression and they can't understand that my depression is a reaction to the constant pain of fibromyalgia, and they insist that if I said positive affirmations in front of mirror to myself, , that I would "feel better." They are trying to help me. These people refuse to entertain the idea that pain and depression can be manifested in ways very differently than what they've experienced.

That there are things in this world that THEY DO NOT know of or about.

Sure the wedding vows read "in sickness and in health, till death do you part," but ill health is a burden for and on all those in the family, not just the one afflicted with the disease.

Or sometimes my new friend would try to say that "they have pain too" and that's why they had to cancel, and it feels like a game of tit or tat, where I think they are angry and resentful acting and instead of asking me what fibromyalgia is, and what my pains and struggles are so they can understand and learn that what I say is true about so much of this body hurting all at same time.

The problem is, I also have extreme childhood trauma and so I already believe that I am a burden and a bother to people.

The fibromyalgia is so all-encompassing, and, it is so diffused into the mind-body connection, where a thought can either raise pain level or lower it, and so it appears to the average lay person like I am controlling my experience of pain, or driving it.

and the mental healthy system generally blames the patient, instead of taking a in-depth and thorough detailed history of the patient, they take one look and stamp "Forever Hopeless" across your forehead.

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