Dating website beautiful people only

One of those professionals, Chris Vickery at Mac Keeper, reported on the breach and contacted the website to patch the security hole.

What other site judges purely by looks whether or not you’re worthy to see about dating someone from their select pool? To join the site, you have to have a picture that makes you look your absolute best—no relaxed, half-asleep pictures here! —and then you have to try to figure out all the other beautiful people.

Hunt says he also discovered 170 profiles from United States government employees who signed under their email addresses.

Breaches on dating websites has been a popular target for hackers over the year.

And, to be honest, we’re all good-looking guys, but that doesn’t mean they’ll find us good-looking enough.

They have some private bar that moves constantly, and it makes it hard to figure out if any single person could join. Once we got an account created and voted into existence by the Beautiful community, we got down to the oh-so-difficult business of sifting through column after column of beautiful women. By the time we sent out our five hundredth message, we’d looked at probably a thousand women to judge how well they would Match. Take a look at their membership listings, and you’ll see gorgeous woman after gorgeous woman.

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