Dating vs marriage material

Five Qualities That Show He’s the Real Deal Melissa had been dating Wes for a year and a half when she realized it was time to make a decision about their future together. “You aren’t getting any younger, you know.” “You don’t need to remind me,” said Melissa, who had just turned 35.Actually, it was her older sister, Sandy, who pressed her on the issue over lattes one morning. “And, yes, Wes has been dropping hints about tying the knot.

Whether they openly admit it or not, most men want to marry a woman that is both sexy and smart. And the great thing about intelligence is that you don’t have to be supermodel material to pull off sexy with your intellect.But it’s such a huge decision—something inside me is holding back.” Sandy arched an eyebrow. He respects himself and he respects you—completely.“The real question is this: Is Wes ‘marriage material’ or is he a ‘meantime guy’ until you find the real deal? The fact is, you can’t maintain a happy, long-term relationship with someone you don’t respect and/or who doesn’t respect you. It is an essential ingredient for any lasting, flourishing relationship.But when trust is diligently maintained, love grows stronger and stronger.He’s determined who is number one in the relationship—and it isn’t him.

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