Dating violence brochures

An Order can be obtained against: A 209A Order can be obtained in any district, superior or probate and family court in Massachusetts .

An emergency 209A Order is available through any police department after court hours and on weekends.

In certain cases, a Dangerousness Hearing may be requested by the Assistant District Attorney to hold the defendant in pre-trial detention without bail.

There is a high standard of proof required to show dangerousness, as there must be "clear and convincing proof" that releasing the defendant would be a substantial risk to the safety of the victim and/or the community.

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A safe, violence-free home is not a reality for many families today.

The Assistant District Attorney represents the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the victim's interests in prosecuting the case.The Abuse Prevention Law offers protection to both women and men who are physically abused in family or personal relationships.These may include: husband and wife; girl friend and boy friend; high school and college students in dating relationships; children, parents, elders, grandparents, brothers and sisters, housemates, roommates or same sex partners.Interviews are held before the trial date to gather information and evidence for prosecution.The safety needs of the victim and any involved children are a priority in bringing the case to trial.

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