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The young bride will then give her chosen bridegroom a garland.

This is interpreted as an indication of her intention to marry, then the wedding ceremony is held on the same day.

Wedding announcement In some cultures, the bride doesn’t actually meet her groom till her wedding day.

The practice of Swayamvara in ancient India involves the father of the bride making an announcement of his daughter’s intention to marry.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match In Japan, the practice of Omiai is done by some of the more traditional families. Here, potential mates are considered for a young girl by the parents and the matchmaker before the couple is allowed to meet.

This way, she gets to know them a little better before she makes her choice.

The use of a love hut isn’t exclusive to the Kreung.

For many people, courtship involves flowers, free flowing wine and fine dining and other activities to allow the man and woman to get to know each other better.

However, for some cultures, they have customs and traditions to make the prospect of looking for a lifelong partner much easier.

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