Dating the enemy hippy

But cultural "feminist" changes, the types that insist lads mags, Page 3 and wolf-whistling are automatically offensive and should therefore be scrapped from the public consciousness, I have always struggled to comprehend.For, at their crux is the notion that men are either genetically or socially conditioned to be evil.One messy science journalist (Tash) and a neat television host (Brett).Two very different people whose relationship is nose diving to get the opportunity to experience life in their partners shoes when they wake up one morning in each others bodies.As a result, he was publicly called a "pendantic misogynist" by the mob.A pedant he might have been, but it's worth noting the official definition of misogynist as "someone who hates women" rather than "anyone who dares question the popular feminist status quo". " came the online battle cry, as though even garnering some male opinions would be a threat to womankind's empowerment, so toxic and self-serving they would inevitably be.Today's feminism teaches British women to see themselves as victims and victims cannot exist without a villain, in this instance – men.

I'd much rather say to young women, "these rights were hard won.

In the same article, I dared to suggest that we should take into account men's feelings and viewpoints on key feminist issues. The Everyday Sexism movement is a fantastic idea - an opportunity for an open debate on the ways in which genders mindlessly form prejudices against each other.

So why have its followers largely excluded men from the conversation? " was a university student's response to this question at another debate I attended (she was studying feminism, by the way).

Valuable lessons are learned by each as they both have to adjust to very different lives.

Earlier this year I was asked to present at a feminist society event in one of the UK's largest and most prestigious universities.

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