Dating thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving is a fine time to introduce loved ones to your family and can be painless with a few tips and tricks in mind.In hopes of making your holiday a smooth one, we turned to Dawn Burke Sena, etiquette coach and founder of Social Solutions, Inc. Past the football frenzy and the gluttony, at its core, Thanksgiving is dedicated to the rare moment we take to pause and appreciate those we love.And when you have someone new and special in your life to give thanks for, you feel like you are waving the baton at the lead of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.Bebe Rexha, 28, and The Goo Goo Dolls were some of the musicians to provide entertainment at the annual festive event.Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, 43, attended the parade with his film producer wife Nancy Juvonen, and their two daughters Winnie, four, and Frances, three.You'll get through Thanksgiving with a date if you follow these rules!Say, in your state of lightheaded happiness, you boldly ask your new honey to celebrate Turkey Day with your family and to your delight, they fervently agree.

Before you start thinking up excuses to un-invite your new partner, take a deep breath.If you don't invite her, or if you really aren't that into her, you might as well make it really, really awkward and dump her.Because if you don't invite her to this party, she's going to move on from you faster than the flatscreens sell out on Black Friday.In my family, holidays were a big deal: an important and unique time when all of us enjoyed rare togetherness and celebrated our own special traditions and each other. The fact that she is new to the area and homeless for the holiday isn't your problem, or your family's.It certainly wasn't a time to bring around buddies, friends of friends or some random we had been dating for all of two months. You don't want to tip the scales on the harmony of family time to placate and feed some chick who may or may not be part of the picture come next week or month.

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