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Although the anchor plates of the Norwood built 67 car shown in the picture are oriented downward, other 67's have been observed with the anchor plates oriented upward.It is unknown if this was a variation between the plants or in the assembly process.The standard belts used a plastic buckle cover that matched the belt color; the deluxe belts had a brushed steel buckle cover.The standard belt was the default belt on both standard and custom interiors.

There were 2 basic seat belt styles – standard and deluxe.The mounting of the coupe shoulder belts was improved in 1968 (which is good since they became standard equipment in January 1968! The clip belt was attached to the headliner and the buckle belt was mounted to the floor on top of the lap buckle belt, both inside the flexible plastic boot.The front shoulder belts were optional in 1967-69 convertibles.For 1967-69 convertibles, the shoulder buckle belt mounted to one of the anchor bolts for the convertible top mechanism.The belt was then routed between the interior trim quarter panel and the convertible top trim panel.

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    Over the years, has published several data projects using public information. - Our annual database of state employee salaries was recently updated with 2016-17 data.

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