Dating sites for people with mental health problems

Being middle class, affluent, in a two-parent household, loved, cherished, and successful at school is no guarantee of anything.

Fixers, the charity offering young people the opportunity to create media campaigns, says that 69 per cent of the 18,000 young people they have worked with have wanted to raise awareness of mental health.

Asda's 'mental patient' costume, which first provoked the storm, was designed to look like a blood-splattered straitjacket with ragged edges.

It was on sale for £20 through the supermarket's clothing arm George.

But there's no point in parents blaming themselves: mental illness is caused by a combination of factors and it can strike anywhere.A spokesman for Asda declined to elaborate further on the donation, other than to say: 'This is a sincere gesture to apologise for the offence.We want to do this for the right reasons and not for publicity.' Bad taste: Supermarket giant Asda has been forced to apologise after it advertised a fancy dress outfit featuring someone covered in blood and brandishing a machete as a 'mental patient fancy dress costume' told BBC London 94.9: 'It underlines to me that we treat mental illness like it's not serious. Mental illness is scarier than most physical illnesses and I just cannot understand what goes through the minds of intelligent business people.'We are trying to change attitudes towards mental illness...This undoubtedly skews the figures (insofar as there are figures: we were very bad at measuring young people's mental health in the past).But even if you accept that there's more reporting than there was a decade or two ago, pretty much everyone agrees that something very disturbing is happening.

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