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Even though the two agreed to put aside their differences in July , it's pretty clear that they never actually became friends.

"We at OLPC have been disappointed that Intel did not deliver on any of the promises they made when they joined OLPC; while we were hopeful for a positive, collaborative relationship, it never materialized," Negroponte said in a statement distributed by the OLPC on Friday.

The Gmail captcha problem was reported in late February by another security firm, Websense .

Gmail is an attractive target for spammers because a Google account is free and offers access to a wide range of services.

A provision was also added to the bill by Congress to promote Internet safety for children.

The bill also establishes a grant program for organizations to track and promote Internet usage.

"Everybody I work with is pretty disillusioned with Yahoo," said a Yahoo engineer, who asked not to be identified.

He predicted Yahoo will do anything it can to fight a Microsoft takeover, even if it means turning to Google for help.

The concern, specifically for some employees, is that if Yahoo management can't pose enough of a challenge to Google--and neither can Microsoft management--how can a combined entity with the same management mix best the search leader?

"There's a need for a powerful rival to Google, but which management is finally going to do the job? Some within Yahoo are just frustrated that the company has found itself in the situation.

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