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Involved in community life ; I prefer that you know our religion; Love family life ; I understand my role as a wife ; I am a 37 year old Arab African who returned from Hajj 2014 empowered; I enjoy watching /attending sports events ; I enjoy fishing, reading watching news, classical , country & western , concerts ...

My purpose is to please Allah( SWT ); I am willing to learn and I ' m open- minded ...

Ghana is a very physical culture, which can be off-putting if you are not accustomed to physical contact as part of a conversation. However, as a single woman traveler, you will get talked to/hassled/proposed to relentlessly. In Ghana, being available means that you do not have a husband (husband is also used to mean boyfriend).

There is a lot of physical contact with people and people will hold you to get your attention. Not having a husband means that you must be looking for one.

In the north of Ghana, these attitudes are even more stongly pronounced and you could possibly be spoken to by those that feel your dress is inappropriate. Ghanaian culture is one in which women are generally expected to serve.

They do all the cooking, cleaning, fetching water and basically perform most all the work to keep a household moving.

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The Minister of Tourism as well as the Speaker of Parliament are among the many women in positions of prominence.

She' s Looking For Believer and follower of Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH); Knows the religion of Al Islam; Reads Quran regularly ; Leadership character; Prays regularly ; Involved in community; Family orientated ; willing to learn ; Has an income. I am a teacher by profession so therefore I work as a teacher.

I am the first child of my dad who is a local imam, I also have have a younger brother.

You may also find it disturbing when you speak with some Ghanaian women and hear their acceptance of such second-class status.

However, you should also realize that attitudes are changing.

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