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Is now the mourner she but sccm'd before, — Herself subdued, resigns the melting spell, And breathes, with swelling heart, her long, her last £arewe U !

COCKING, To be foaght at the Ckck Pit, WHITE LION, NORTH STREET, 8BI6HT0N, On TMUIt JSJ)AYt 19tk ATJtl Lt la U, A Mnin of Cork*', for Twenty Gimr EAS a Battle, and Futt O^Tr^'^ as the Main ; between the Gentlemen of the I«le oi Wight» and the Gentlemen oi Sussex. Batty 's Circus was situate in Mighell Street, and much frequented.

Buil-Vailing and cock-fighting were also in vogne, the original printod bills announcing them are now iu the author's possession. As adjunct thereto, there was a bii Uiani lounge, also confectionary department and a Coffee House and hotel, the latter occupying a wing to the south of the Circus.

The anraseii Miits at this period were nnmeroos, — oomprieing tea partiefl, and fireworks at Pnmenade Grove, the entrance to which was in Prince's Place, North Street. It was opened in August of the same year, under the lesseeship of Mr Brunton, had a frontage of 100ft., and was of the same depth.

Seyeral persons vrho had attempted to get m, became overpowered by the heat, and in endea Tonnng to retrace their steps, created great oonfnsion.

So early as three o'clook In the afternoon the people began to assemble about the pit and gallery doorb, and at lialf-past four tlie pressure "was 80 very great, tliat those who had attended early, in the hope of getting a good situation, were driven from the doors by the rush of those who were under the arches.

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