Dating seeing too much

Even if you’re not strictly in the mood, taking the time for at least some naked snuggling can help reduce tension, improve feelings of intimacy and get those endorphins flowing. So you’re dragging her off to watch Prometheus – even though she can’t stand sci-fi – and in exchange you’re going hiking in the woods with her even though you hate the sun and are allergic to just about everything with more than two legs.

Your partner may be stressed about work and just can’t spare the time to think about sex. An active, satisfying sex life is incredibly important to a relationship – too important, in fact, to just leave it up to chance.And she’s pointedly checking her watch while you’re in line for the Pecan Porter. well, they’re getting frustrated over the fact that you’re only available as a package deal.Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that you’re now joined at the hip or that you no longer have any need for time on your own.In fact, it’s more important that you get some alone time than it was before you started dating.There is no better way to smother the flames of romance than to squeeze every single ounce of togetherness you can out of life.

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