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One of the girls grabbed a digital camera and stepped out to a side porch, just in time to see what she described as “this huge dog,” rounding the side of the barn.She raised the camera, and watching through the viewfinder, was shocked when the animal stood on hind legs.

The man went out to the barn and found “a lot of prints, big ones.” He intended on photographing and measuring the prints the next morning, but several inches of snow had fallen, erasing that evidence.Bones of giants have been uncovered in the United States in New York, California, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nevada, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Mexico, and Kentucky from as early as 1792 to as late as 1965.The legends of early North American tribes are rich with stories of giants, including the Sioux, who told about giants that ran down the buffalo, and the Algonquin stories of giant, bearded men that first occupied their native lands.One of them saw a shadow move across the curtains in the living room, and they were both terrified.They quickly shut down all the lights in the house, and after a few minutes, the sounds subsided.

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