Dating revere ware

Revere Copper & Brass was formed in 1928 from a merger of six small copper and brass companies.One of the six firms in the 1928 merger traced its roots back to the famed American revolutionary and silversmith Paul Revere.Awesome handles, thick bases, but the bigger the item got the thinnier everything felt and I sold the damn set! I had the Bon Appetit which are nice by the way, that could go in a 500 degree oven. I know, I'm yapping, but then found a couple new old stock Fabs on ebay and want to share their glory. Last week at Goodwill I found 2 Aluminum Clad Farberware skillets. Not old news but hey, one can share their joy right?

It is hard to make bowed bottoms flat since they bow when they expand. Then how come 40 years using Brasso hasn't revealed that they are anything else but copper? Place the piece of wood across the bottom and hit it with the hammer.

I inherited them from my parents a decade or so ago.

My old man got kind of senile and he'd go to boil some eggs and forget about them.

The water would boil away and the eggs exploded leaving egg all over the kitchen walls.

That Revere Ware copper bottom pan IS a tiny bit bowed on the bottom, not as flat as new.

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