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“It was like he was being cast in a role, that he was a talentless kind of meathead, with his whole relationship with Jennifer Lopez... To my mind, nobody really got him at all.”Damon says, "There’s nobody who’s more misunderstood," and I'm sure it's tough to see the media talk about the people you love. You know, the relationship that ended “Ten years ago, the public image of [Affleck] could not have been farther apart from who he actually is,” Damon said. It was painful to be his friend, because it wasn’t fair, you know? For his supporting role as the rugby player Francois Pienaar in Invictus (2009) and his leading role as an astronaut stranded on Mars in The Martian (2015), Damon received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor, respectively.The latter also won him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.Born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Damon began his acting career by appearing in high school theater productions.He made his professional acting debut in the film Mystic Pizza (1988).

As we approach a vote on the UK's membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.I was young and I fell for him – it's an occupational hazard.When the film came out in January 1998, it was a huge success; it earned more than million on the opening weekend and we were nominated for nine Oscars, winning two, for Best Supporting Actor for Robin Williams and Best Original Screenplay for Ben and Matt.In real life, by the time we filmed this scene, I was completely in love with Matt.I was blown away by his commitment to me as an actor, he was cute and intelligent and altogether a really charming package.

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