Dating market value test men

It’s easy to see why this appeals to the 30-something guy who feels like a mating failure.

The female’s sexual attractiveness peaks at the ripe old age of 16.5, and by 20, her sexual market value is plummeting.

Twenty-six questions are used to assign men a value score from -26 to 26.

What is fascinating about the test is the low weight it gives the obvious measures of desirability - good job, good income, high education, uncomplicated marital history.

Broadly speaking, it is the most accurate data available for the widest cross-section of the population.

Last fall I stopped talking about the economics of gender, and began talking about the economics of sex. So much can be discussed under the rubric of economics of sex.

It's like Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer books, urging men to be alphas, take a leadership role, and ignore begging and requests for attention.For women aged 27 to 34, the chance was 40 percent.The study further found that both partners contribute to the increased time necessary to conceive because men’s fertility also declines with age, though not as early as it does for women.But don’t let anyone tell you that your sexual value plummets at 20, or even hits a wall at 30. With the average age of marriage at 27 for women and still climbing, you have time.You certainly shouldn’t settle for some deluded guy trying to convince you that you’re running out of options.

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