Dating kaan

Inside, a 500 sq m volume gallery sits beneath six monumental skylights, that filter light atmospherically through 1.5m deep ceiling beams.

With a concert hall seating 966 people and a rehearsal space for 150 spectators, the Foro Boca sits within a larger regeneration plan for the urban waterfront area at the estuary of the river.

The interiors feature sweeping 8m high ceilings, walls composed of concrete cladding and skylights that bring natural light into the space.

Cape Town, South Africa The year of 2017 brought the much-anticipated arrival of the Zeitz MOCAA.

The rest of the stadium contains eight triangular steel and glass sections whose angular sides echo the logo of the Atlanta Falcons, and create a stunning imprint on the Atlanta skyline.

Melbourne, Australia Architect Glenn Murcutt’s mosque in Newport, Melbourne, translates Islamic design into its suburban Australian context.

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