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This activity became identified by many with the forces of radical change in the larger American society that characterized the late sixties and seventies.

The campus ministry in Gainesville thrived and sustained strong support from the elders of the local congregation in the 'Crossroads Church of Christ'.

After completing the study, Yeakley observed that "The data in this study of the Boston Church of Christ does not prove that any certain individual has actually changed his or her personality in an unhealthy way.

The data, however, does prove that there is a group dynamic operating in that congregation that influences its members to change their personalities to conform to the group norm".

Yeakley passed out three different MBTI tests, which asked members to perceive their past, current, and five-year in the future personality types.Building on Lucas' initial strategies, Mc Kean only agreed to lead the church in Lexington as long as every member agreed to be 'totally committed'.The church grew from 30 members to 3,000 in just over 10 years in what became known as the 'Boston Movement'.By the mid-seventies, a number of young men and women had been trained to replicate the philosophy and methods of the Crossroads Church in other places.completed a degree while training at Crossroads and afterward served as campus minister at several mainline Churches of Christ locations.

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