Dating in armenian culture

At his birthday, he will receive cars, trucks and construction blocks.His entire attention is focused on male-restricted tasks. She will be taught to sew or knit dresses for the doll. After investigating and weeks of negotiations, we may allow you to go; but we drop you off, we stick around, we pick you up.If some health conditions are easily discussed among friends, many topics remain taboo.Hypertension, diabetes or minor surgeries are talked about. They are raised mainly by their mother, but also by their grandmother and aunts.The mother of the family has the responsibility of daily cooking & cleaning, and raising the children.These tasks are strictly reserved to females, even if the woman is actively pursuing a career or running a business.

A young woman cannot confide in her father for her personal problems.The Armenian mothers closely watch and constantly provide care/food to their children.Feeding a boy with his favourite dish is important; he needs strength to grow.Oh yes, let us not forget, the man can invite guests for supper and inform his wife last minute; she must always have something ready for unexpected situations. The greatest honor for her is being asked for a recipe, by a more experienced woman.The recipes are named after the neighbour or the sister in law that gave them. No Armenian woman will allow any other woman to cook in her kitchen.

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