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Parents can help their daughters develop a strong sense of self-worth by monitoring their behavior and watching for signs of low self-esteem.

To do this, the New York University Child Study Center recommends asking your daughter questions about the effect of advertising and other media images on her own sense of self-worth.

Low self-esteem takes many forms, each with different signs.

Adult women can learn to be more confident and diminish the signs of low self-esteem by taking better care of themselves. These steps might include avoiding procrastination, making time for enjoyable activities, putting talents and special abilities to good use and spending more time with friends.

You are dating this guy or girl who seems to be wonderful on so many counts but simply unable to realize it him/herself.

Other women with low self-esteem might act defiantly, as if rules don't apply to them or other people's opinions don't matter, especially anyone in authority.

Breaking rules and blaming others are signs of this type of low self-esteem.

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