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You don’t need to tell her you’re older than your years, but you do need to act like a man. Yes, she wants you to tell her how hot she is, but she also wants to talk to you over dinner, during a walk, or lying in bed after you’ve made love.

Make no mistake — older women are looking for men, not boys. Nothing is more attractive to her than a young guy who can fill her needs as a man and in the sack. Part of the turn-on of an older woman is her intellect and accomplishments.

Nature’s paradox is the sexes have never been aligned properly.

That’s why your older women isn’t interested in men her own age. They are ready to settle into middle age and she feels like a teenager. She suddenly feels like she’s got a Ferrari between her legs.

If she’s flirting with you, take her out as you would any other woman. Your job is to make her feel like a GIRL, not like a friend of your mom’s.

Even if she’s attracted to you, most older women will feel some guilt about your age.

But that is your good fortune and why you have the best chance to seduce a hot older women, especially if you follow these simple tips.

I always find it funny, how often the subject of age presents itself in the deliberation and consideration of romantic potential. Of course, there are times in which an age difference does present it’s own complications.

No matter how hot, smart, or successful she is, an older woman will always be afraid you’re going to leave her for a younger one.These romances, if you can call them that, were flings that, for the duration of the evening, I treated like serious relationships. ” I asked the 17-year-old, not having the heart to send him back home right away. His mother left a series of frantic voicemails on my phone earlier. I took the bottle out of Patrick’s hand and tried to calm him down.The more I sensed a boy’s awe, the longer I lingered, listening to stories about his childhood, transforming myself into the perfect female fantasy for him to idealize forever. He didn’t have a fake ID or any money, but he was still cute. It was a small get together with an amateur DJ and guests sprawled on couches. We spent hours on the phone, talking about his unrequited love for me. “I don’t know what you’ve told him or what you made him think, but Patrick needs to come home! The next morning, I knew I would send him home to his mother. And still, it was still hard not to be seduced by the wondrous way the 17-year-old looked at me.In my case, I find I more readily connect with older men because we are usually at similar places in our lives (and closer aligned from a maturity standpoint) — but of course, this has never been a steadfast rule, or something I feel I need to explain or justify.I treat every potential relationship with an open perspective and without a pre-determined script running through my mind that is associated (unfairly) with their age, before I get to know them.

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