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A painful condition in which the foreskin can't be pulled back over the head of the penis.

You are at risk if you are uncircumcised or have not been properly or completely circumcised.

As we said, the traditional view is that there's not a lot you can do. At the very least, the glans will feel sensitive after circumcision as it is not used to being exposed.

Wearing loose boxer shorts and using a condom during sex for the first month or two after the operation (even if you have a regular partner) should reduce any irritation.

We realized that when we saw this post in our message boards. I have so many questions and no answers, please help. Sure, it looks a little different, but in a lot of cases it makes fooling around feel better to the guy, it’s not hard to clean… To answer lovelife1014, no, you don’t have to be super gentle with it.

This can relieve the condition but circumcision may still be required later.And since the women in Europe don't have a problem with uncircumcised men then why do American women have a problem with it?Exactly why is it so horrible not to be circumcised?If you’re worried about hurting the guy, just be a little bit more gentle and ask him “Is this okay? ” Encourage him to give you a little direction without saying anything insensitive.

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