Dating football fans

" Positioning software on the app makes it operative just near the stadium "so that it will only be used by supporters of the club".

Getafe sit 14th in the Spanish top division currently, in the shadow of their big neighbours Atletico and Real Madrid.

"With this app you can seek out the Getafe fan you like best in complete anonymity.

And if someone you like likes you too, make a match and procreate!

The set has the possibility to show every perspective from the stadium to analyse the game in depth.

With the help of Viz Multiplay, whichs control the video wall content in the studio, Sky Sports shows different videos, analysis, and interviews on every screen.

The Sky Sports HQ is the place where football fans watch their Bundesliga and Champions League favourites play while sports pundits analyse the games and stats.

The new Sky Sports HQ reinvents Sky Sports’ sports production workflow by creating the perfect studio for bringing the game to the audience with the greatest flexibility in visual storytelling.

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