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This list exists solely for the purpose of determining functional speaker replacements for the amplifiers listed. Find recommended speakers for your amplifier using some basic information.

Jensen Loudspeakers cannot be held liable for any problems that arise from the use of speakers placed into any amplifier other than the normal warranty guarantees.

New speakers will therefore sound different from vintage speakers.

There are of course exceptions to our preference of American speakers.

One is a heavily cranked amp with a bright single coil guitar.

I own alot of speakers, Eminence, Jensen, Celestion, Webers, EV's.

We want more bass and mids to smooth out the treble and high harmonic frequencies coming from the amp.

A good example is a single coil strat or tele played with the bridge pickup through a cranked blackface Bassman (AB165).

The 12T6 is a good speaker and I have one in a Bassman 2x12 cab with a Jensen NEO. They aren't real efficient and that may be helpful or not. I had a pair of Oxford 10's original to my 68 Vibrolux that I really liked.

The guys at Speaker Servcies in Memphis have a couple of re-cones in a Bassman 2x12 and that cab sounds really good. A little flabbiness in the bass department, but that could also have been partly attributed to the tranny and/or a much needed cap job.

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