Dating female prison

Writing allows them to share their dreams, their fantasies, their hopes for a better future upon their release.

They need pen pals to keep their sanity and to remind them that there is a world outside those walls that they want to be a part of.

Someone who will write back and be sincere, compassionate, caring.

They don't have access to modern conveniences like the Internet, and many can't even get pens and paper to write on!

Many of the women on this website are in search of positive friends, Period.

*The User (you) must be at least 18 years of age to use this website * It is the User's (your) responsibility to preserve the user's (your) safety when communicating with the inmates that are listed on this website.

Gabby "retired" in January of 2014 and directed all new ads to a different site, but that site has vanished for whatever reason.Make a note of their birth date and send them a birthday card, it would mean SO much to her!See More Female Prisoners ATTENTION: This Female Prisoner is NOT interested in contact from other Inmates.In the early days of Gabby's Lounge, I began receiving a lot of personals ads from inmates, which prompted the categorization of "Jailbabes" to separate them from other personals ads.The name stuck, and at one point someone else even registered that domain name.

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