Dating during marital separation

"What happened after the seminar could fill a book!

We confessed the ways we had failed one another and sought forgiveness.

In some states, dating doesn't cause any issues, but moving back in together can affect your legal separation.

If you file for an at-fault divorce in your state, check with your lawyer before beginning a dating relationship.

For years, couples nationwide have attended these two-day workshops for the purpose of marriage restoration and growth.

Lisa believes this seminar provided the remedy her marriage desperately needed.

"We both recognized that had to be the hand of God. Yet, through God’s power, Christians are called to change the equation.

Chapman, "help people, wherever they are in their marriage, take steps of growth, and then equip couples to go back into their churches and minister to others." Couples looking for a quick fix for their marital woes often become frustrated, abandoning the marriage too early, thereby missing the benefits of God's timing.

Be open and honest about the nature of your dates, even when you know it will hurt your spouse.

Always discuss the implications of dating before beginning the relationship.

Decide before you begin dating your spouse if sex is on the table.

Although it might make sense for a couple not contemplating divorce, a physical relationship with your wife when you know divorce is imminent will only cause emotional pain.

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