Dating dragonball pan trunks z

Soon Trunks sat up and took over removing his shirt.Leaning back down he took one nipple in him mouth not so gently sucking on it while rolling the other one between his thumb and finger eliciting the most exotic moan he had ever heard.The last time she was impatient not giving him a chance to properly worship her body, this time he would worship it to the point of her begging him to take her.

Trunks had other ideas and gently grabbed her wrists pinning them above her head against the wall."I don't' think so my little Sayain tease, I'm going to teach you that is not very nice to tease like that," he said running his finger along the waist of her shorts. "Oh my little Sayain, I've only just begun."With his free hand Trunks lightly ran had fingers down her side and gently pulled her shirt over her head.Running his hand lightly up her sides he brought them around and gently pushed the cups aside revealing her naked breasts.He ran his palms over them giving them a gentle squeeze causing her to arch into his touch.They were red, which was his weakness, and lacy and barely a scrap of fabric.Trunks had to take a deep breath to keep from tearing said scrap of fabric off and taking her before he was ready.

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