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As one main result, a common Africal ancestry of Mitochondrial Eve began to emerge using more elaborate statistical estimates including PAUP and Neighbor joining in addition to Fitch-Margoliash trees.

By 1985, data from the mt DNA of 145 women of different populations, and of two cell lines, He La and GM 3043, derived from a Black American and a ! After more than 40 revisions of the draft, the manuscript was submitted to Nature in late 1985 or early 1986 Cann, Stoneking and Wilson did not use the term "Mitochondrial Eve" or even the name "Eve" in their original paper; it appears to originate with a 1987 article in Science by Roger Lewin, headlined "The Unmasking of Mitochondrial Eve." But the concept of Eve caught on with the public and was repeated in a Newsweek cover story (11 January 1988 issue featured a depiction of Adam and Eve on the cover, with the title "The Search for Adam and Eve"), Alan Templeton (1997) asserted that the study did "not support the hypothesis of a recent African origin for all of humanity following a split between Africans and non-Africans 100,000 years ago" and also did "not support the hypothesis of a recent global replacement of humans coming out of Africa." More recent age estimates have remained consistent with the 140–200 kya estimate published in 1987: A 2013 estimate dated Mitochondrial Eve to about 160 kya (within the reserved estimate of the original research) and Out of Africa II to about 95 kya.

This works because, along any particular line of descent, mitochondrial DNA accumulates mutations at the rate of approximately one every 3,500 years per nucleotide.

A certain number of these new variants will survive into modern times and be identifiable as distinct lineages.

Without a DNA sample, it is not possible to reconstruct the complete genetic makeup (genome) of any individual who died very long ago.

As the identity of both matrilineal and patrilineal MRCAs is dependent on genealogical history (pedigree collapse), they need not have lived at the same time.Through random drift or selection the female-lineage will trace back to a single female, such as Mitochondrial Eve.In this example over five generations colors represent extinct matrilineal lines and black the matrilineal line descended from mt DNA MRCA.By looking at the number of mutations which have been accumulated in different branches of this family tree, and looking at which geographical regions have the widest range of least related branches, the region where Eve lived can be proposed.The popular name "mitochondrial Eve", of 1980s coinage, has contributed to a number of popular misconceptions.

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